About Me

firefox I am Professor of Writing and Director of the Writing Program at University of California, Santa Barbara, where I teach undergraduate and graduate classes in composition. My courses include:

    Writing 251 - Writing for Audiences Outside the University (a graduate course on writing about research for audiences outside of one's discipline)

    Writing 2 - Academic Writing (a first-year writing course)

    Writing 501 - Theory and Practice of Academic Writing (a graduate course for TAs in the Writing Program and others interested in teaching first-year academic writing>

    ED 202H - Writing Program Administration (a graduate course focusing on theory, practice, and politics of writing program direction)

My research focuses broadly on the ways that audiences inside and outside the university understand writing and literacy; on how people act on those understandings (in the past and in the present); and on the implications of those actions for writing programs and institutions. Most recently, I have worked on issues connected with writing assessment, public policy, and strategies for writing instructors and program directors to engage in discussions about writing with audiences on and off their campuses.