Raab Writing Fellows Faculty Projects

One option for the Raab Writing Fellows program is to join a Writing Program faculty member on a writing and research project. If you're interested in joining one of the projects listed below, please contact the faculty member. 


“Feminism and Social Media”
Patricia Fancher: fancher@writing.ucsb.edu

Patricia Fancher studies professional women's writing, including a project on feminist social media networking and communication. Students could join this project and explore the different ways that feminists use social media as a tool for both activism and social networking. 


"Researching Visual Propaganda: From Posters to Memes and Fake News"
Kevin Moore: moore@writing.ucsb.edu

What do 20th C. propaganda posters have to teach us about influential 21st C. digital phenomena, such as memes and fake news? Kevin Moore teaches public discourse and rhetoric, and he is looking for students interested in helping to explore the extensive poster holdings of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University (some 100,000+ posters, over half of which remain uncatalogued). The project aims to identify useful teaching resources, as well as to generate a collaboratively authored essay on how studying print visual propaganda can help us better interpret and theorize digital images on social media.