RWF Application

The deadline for applications for 2017-18 is Monday, June 26. 
How to Apply
Applicants should work with a Writing Program faculty mentor to develop a project proposal. If you're looking for a faculty mentor for a specific project, consult the Faculty page of this website and/or write to Madeleine Sorapure ( for suggestions. The proposal you submit should be one to two pages and should include the following:
  • A project title and the name of the faculty mentor (the faculty mentor will be contacted to ensure his or her availability for the project)
  • An overview of the project, including a description of what you ultimately intend to accomplish by the end of the year and present at the year-end showcase
  • A statement of what you hope to gain from your project, including its significance to the broader goals of your undergraduate education 
  • A timeline indicating how you will organize your work on the project
  • A description of possible expenses: what costs do you anticipate? How will you cover expenses beyond the $750 limit?
Email the proposal as a PDF attachment to by Monday, June 26, 2017.
Review and Notification 
Applications will be reviewed in early summer by a committee of Writing Program faculty. Applications will be judged on their overall quality, academic and/or personal significance for the student, potential contribution to the Writing Program and UCSB community, and likelihood of completion. We anticipate accepting approximately 20 Raab Writing Fellows in 2017-18. Applicants will be notified of the decision in mid-summer. The cohort of Raab Writing Fellows will have their first meeting early in fall 2016. 
Questions? Write to